George Wallace Principles

George Wallace Principles for Sustainable –Ecotourism Development
1.Entails a type of use that minimizes negative impacts to the environment and to local people
2.Increases the awareness and understanding of an area’s natural and cultural systems and the
subsequent involvement of visitors in issues affecting those systems.
3.Contributes to the conservation and management of legally protected and other natural areas.
4.Maximizes the early and long-term participation of local people in the decision-making process
that determines the kind and amount of tourism that should occur.
5.Directs economic and other benefits to local people that complement rather than overwhelm or
replace traditional practices.
6.Provides special opportunities for local people and nature tourism employees to visit natural
areas and learn more about the wonders that other visitors come to see.

These principles can be applied to help assess tourism to see if it is promoting sustainable tourism development.

Wallace, George N (n.d.). toward a principled evaluation of ecotourism ventures.  New Haven, Connecticut: Yale F&ES Bulletin.


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