The dimensions of sustainable tourism development.


In my mind sustainable tourism development can relate to a theoretical context involving a classic triangle model with people, planet, and  profit. More specifically I broke these down into three dimensions of STD; environment (planet), sociocultural (people), and economy (profit). This interrelated diagram exposes each dimension of sustainability to show how they are interconnected to each other. The dimension of sociocultural is relating to the people of the certain area. It is important to understand the impact of tourism within the area and to make sure that the tourism on the area is not having a negative affect on the local people’s cultures, values, attitudes, livability,  etc. For example, a tourism attraction like a mountain ski resort needs to understand that by building this resort they are sure that the infrastructure of the enterprise is not on any sacred land where the local people of the area might have cultural ties to. The next dimension of sustainability concerning the environment is what many people see as the biggest dimension but in reality each dimension is just as important as the next. When thinking of tourism in a certain area, many of the attractions are directly related to the natural resources of the area. For example, again when developing a ski resort the increase of people and the development of infrastructure needs to address the impact of the land surrounding the area. There needs to be proper practices put into place to help minimize the impact on the environment. The last dimension of sustainability relating to the economy addresses the need for STD be related to areas economy. Tourism in the area needs to support a healthy local economy in order to achieve STD. For example, a ski resort needs to provide opportunities like jobs, discounts, buying local, etc for the people of the area. The business of the tourism needs to help fluctuate the local economy. Now that you understand the three dimensions of sustainable tourism development you can make sure your practices are providing for a sustainable future. Thanks for reading!


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